I was lucky to spot this small garter snake swallowing a whole slug in a thicket of fava beans.  Good snake!

Our handsome Auracana rooster in front of some Rhode Island Reds at the door to the chicken coup.  Right now we have 14 chickens of all different varieties, total we plan to keep about 30.  Fresh, grass fed chicken eggs are nothing like the crap from the store, delicious and much healthier.

This Feather Foot Banty mother is raising seven surrogate Barred Rock chicks.

With a burst of flight, this Brightlight Banty finds a new perch atop Jackies head!

Chickens can be beautiful.

Our handsome black siamese, Crafty.   He was a feral kitten born on the property.  If you ever try to grab a feral kitten, watch out!  He was a dangerous kitten before we tamed him.  Crafty is so cool and we are absolutely in love with him.  Super smart and affectionate, he's very vocal and has all sorts of interesting habits.  He puts all his toys in his food bowl before going to sleep, he's facinated by reflections, he herds chickens, and....   HE PLAYS FETCH.   How cool is that?


He's a very good tree climber.

We got our bees!  Ginger moves a frame of bees into their new home.

Bees are so amazing, both Gin and I love to watch them.

...and our most recent arrival, Una the kitten.

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