Installing a Snap Dragon back band

Leaning against the wood gets old in a hurry, not to mention you sit too far back in the cockpit.  I like the comfort and simplicity of this band.  Be careful during this process, you don't want to ruin the coaming.


Using a 5/32" spacer, drill a 1/4" hole in the coaming at the widest point, directly below a nail.  

Align the backrest.


Using a 1/4" x 1 1/4" x 20 pan head stainless steel machine screw and corresponding nut and washer:   Slather the bolt and the hole with aquaseal.  Press through and tighten down.  Very tight.  If the bolt can work at all it will tear apart the coaming.  Ideal for this is actually chopping / grinding the length of the bolt down to 1 3/16"  Or even better, have a machinist make a threaded stainless plate to act as both nut and washer, grind bolt to length.  I plane off the protruding plastic and tie back the backband to keep it from sliding under my butt while trying to enter the kayak.

Other padding options include minicel foam, padded plastic, sculpted fiberglass, ect

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