Copying a fiberglass kayak in skin-on-frame
building the SC-1

Note: I built this interpretive copy of the Mariner Coaster with permission.  It is not cool to copy someone elses design work without asking them first.

"....lets double check that measurment one more time,"  our motto

Taking the breadths with crude calipers.

Setting up the gunwales, again and again and again, to get it right.

Mocking up the deck shape.

Building the deck.

Transferring the depths.

Double checking the rocker.

Mocking up the ribs with romex wire.  (Ralph Johnson method)

Checking the V and chine breadths along the hull.

Working out the stem shapes.

Ribs bent in at the end of the day.

Chines and deck stringers added.

One of the two we built, freshly coated.

Cockpit outfitting-  thighbraces, Snap Dragon backband, double thick foam pad, and sliding plastic footbraces.

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