A new seating option for the F1

For years I've found the best seat for a skin-on-frame boat to be two thicknesses of foam camping pad.   Two strips below the ribs on either side,  and then a full length pad extending past the feet,  (make sure to cut a hole for your pump).      I like this arrangement because it gives good support while allowing your sit bones to sink as low as possible, which allows me to design boats with much narrower waterline beams (faster)  that still feel very stable.    Most people are satisfied with the arrangement.    Some people choose to try something different,  and often that means building up a seat that makes the boat tippy.   Gordon S.  sent me this photo of his solution,  a seat for his F1 that incorporates two lengths of aluminum tube that suspend a mesh seat.   I like this because it can be assembled in a way that keeps the sit bones very low,  keeping the boat stable,  while adding a more supportive seat.    I would still extend a mat forward to protect the skin from the heel.    Christopher A.  also sent me a photo of a similar seat that is even more basic,  he suspended a canvas shopping bag from tent pole sections!  

Again,  my regular system is just dandy for most people,  but if you want to experiment,  I thought this was a great idea!   Thanks Chris and Gordon!

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