Kayak Logging

What do you get when you mix gasoline, steel, water, wood, kayaks, and some seriously uncertain footing?  The extreme sport of kayak logging.   Over the years I've collected some good logs, lost some great logs, and had a lot of fun with some wild stories to tell.   The pursuit of logs by kayak allows me to juxtapose my technical rigging experience with my passion for boating.   I also love to build kayaks and paddles with wood I find on the river.  There is not a lot of this stuff left but a few good logs still float down once in a while.

Of course, cutting the logs out of the jam is only a small part of the job.  We had to decide how to get the logs down river and I had an idea.  We invited dozens of friends for a race and a party, the first ever Cape Falcon Kayak   kayak log race.