A week of paddling with Alec

When my friend Alec said he wanted to come out and build boats for a week I said "sure!",  when he said he wanted to do some paddling I said, "yeah right."  Manzanita in February?  A god-forsaken-dreary-forlorn-place.  It rains like a faucet and the surf is always twenty-feet.  Alec must be good luck though.  The surf dropped, the wind died, and it never rained the whole time he was here.  So we got some paddling after all.

we tested some new kayaks in truly awful conditions


we paddled on the bay

we launched the new guide boat

we tested the new boats out again, this time on a smaller swell, the set waves were only ten feet! 

all the photos are of the shorebreak though, I'm not taking MY camera out there!

next we headed out for some whitewater, and some very pretty waterfalls


waterfall of water                                                            waterfall of moss and ferns

with no rain the river was a bit shallow in places

of course no paddle is complete without a Greenland rolling session,
and an ice cream headache!

we also built some boats, watched the lunar eclipse, and ate at my favorite thai restaurant.

go home Alec!  there is nothing left to do here!

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