San Fransico SC-1 class

The Bay Area could be considered the unnofficial home of the Mariner Coaster.    For chasing short chop in the bay or getting wild with the tide rips underneath the golden gate the Coaster has long been considered the weapon of choice.  Original Coasters are lusted after with a fervor that has broken friendships when two people vyed for the same used boat.  Thank goodness Matt and Cam are producing them again!  Everywhere I travel people balk at the dimunative and stubby SC-1, my skin-on-frame version of the Coaster.  Not so in the Bay Area, these are people who understand short sea kayaks, these are my people.

I had a great week building SC-1's in Berkely with Bay Area Sea Kayakers members Glen, David, Leslie, Doug, and Irv.   Thank you for inviting me.   BASK is a highly skilled and remarkably active sea kayaking club that should be an inspiration to all of us. I look forward to my next visit to the Bay Area.

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