Sustainable Living

  Clean air and water, safe food, reasonable housing, medical care, these are the foundations of our lives that make all other things possible.   For the past decade humankind has perched at the top of the bell curve, consuming as much as the earth could supply, those days of living high on the hog are coming to an end. Our startling ability to erode the underpinnings of our existence is ever more visible, and will continue to be more so in the forms of climate catastrophe, global food shortage, water scarcity, toxicity crisis, species extinction, epidemiological disaster, and economic collapse.

Today is the future we used to worry about.
Yesterday was when we needed to act.

Now is the time to make the hard choices of living smaller, consuming less, and being active citizens in our communities. 

My off-grid farm and alternative energy teaching center Revolution Gardens

Understanding the problem

  Understanding Peak oil

What the future could look like

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