Paddling with Wally around Cape Falcon

After months of high surf and freezing weather, I was ready for a change.   On April 1st the swell dropped providing an easy window to get offshore.  Every year holds a handful of days where the non surf savvy paddler can explore the Oregon coast.  During these times I like to take friends out to see what can otherwise be a very unforgiving coastline.  Today it was with my buddy Wally in his SC-1.

Wally waits patiently while I pull up a few black rockfish.

A little different than the usual sea kayakers deck.

Heading toward Cape Falcon, 2nd rock in distance.

Paddling past a sheer walled hidden cove with a waterfall, these are the places that noone ever visits.

The hole in Cape Falcon with Neah-Kah-Nie headland in the distance.

Wally paddles through...

...and comes out the other side.

Back in Manzanita, after a valliant surf attempt, Wally scolds his SC-1 for flipping him over!

F1 and SC1 on Manzanita beach.

Wally heads for home, fortunately he only lives three blocks away.

Later that night, blackened rockfish with cilantro, lime, butter, and some awesome red chili paste that Ginger bought at a farmers market in Belize, cooked over an open fire at sunset.

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