Kayak Class at Valley Forge  1/12/07

....deep into the Pennsylvania winter I was called to action.   Kayak students desperately needed someone to lead them after a summer of relentless assault by the British Canoe Union.  Privately I feared we could not build an army of Greenland paddlers during the cold and miserable tri-state winter,  and when I arrived the cavernous and crumbling old factory hardly seemed fit to house men for the project.  It was biting cold and there were no soldiers, but in a turn of luck the weather eased to an unseasonably warm temperature and General Ted Danforth procured the neccesary provisions and helped as we transformed the barren camp.   For seven days the men worked tirelessly and despite some long evenings and moments of hunger and privation, we suffered few injuries and no loss of life.   With renewed vigor our brave men paddled forth to face the British kayaks once again.  

Generous thanks to Ted Danforth of  Hidden River Outfitters for organizing the class, and to the Schuylkill River Greenway Association for generous donation of the building space and some thumb tacks.  I have to admit, I had strong trepidition about teaching on the east coast in the winter, but what really mattered was how well Ted set up the space and the great students I had.  An amazing (if incongruous) Cuban restaurant in Pottstown, Havana Joe's for lunches didn't hurt either.  (they've got Che on the wall) Thank you everyone for a merciful east coast visit! 

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